WeBuyGymEquipment è la più grande piattaforma di aste dedicate agli attrezzi per il fitness usati.

Siamo orgogliosi di rendere l’esperienza di acquisto e vendita di attrezzi da palestra più veloce e migliore per tutti i soggetti coinvolti.

Il nostro processo semplice e fluido garantisce alle palestre la vendita delle loro attrezzature usate al miglior prezzo.

Siamo anche la prima scelta di rivenditori commerciali per l’acquisto di attrezzature per il fitness usate. Offriamo una proposta vantaggiosa per tutti gli operatori di palestre e i commercianti di attrezzature per il fitness usate.

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Why Choose Us?

WeBuyGymEquipment works with world's best commercial traders. They will review used gym equipment packages on our platform before making a blind bid.

The highest price is then sent to the seller (gym operator). The gym operator can then decide to accept or decline the offer within 90 days. When the price is accepted WeBuyGymEquipment makes sure the goods are collected at a convenient time and the payment is made in full.

Our team will help the trade-in process of used fitness equipment from start to finish. The fitness industry has welcomed our platform because of our honest and transparent process. We have a reputation for operating with respect and integrity within the commercial fitness arena.

For the first time gyms can get real market value prices for their unwanted equipment. We also provide a superior extraction service that comes with all the latest legal and insurance documentation.

Screenshot showing the Club Admin Dashboard

Looking Forward Working With You

When it comes to the payment, gym operators get the funds in two agreed payment instalments. They will get 50% before the extraction and the balance on the final day of extraction (or no later than 3 working days post extraction).

WeBuyGymEquipment is the global leader in managing the commercial fitness equipment buy-back process. We are highly trusted and respected by the world's largest fitness equipment manufacturers. We work closely with Life Fitness, Technogym, Matrix Fitness, Precor, Pulse Fitness, Freemotion and Dyaco. Many have on-going partnership agreements or official licence agreements.

We are also lucky enough to be working with leading gym operators Holmes Place, Fitness First, Retro Fitness and Anytime Fitness.

After launching the business in 2015, we are very excited to see where the business goes beyond 2020. We’ll look forward to working with you too!