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WeBuyGymEquipment is a quick and convenient way to value your used gym equipment via a speedy bidding process.
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Where to Sell Gym Equipment

Trading-in used gym equipment is always a time-consuming process. If you are a gym operator and in the process of buying new gym equipment for your facility, you will no doubt be faced with the problem of trying to sell used gym equipment. You may try and sell privately but this is often hard work, expensive to advertise and can attract buyers who will kick the tyres and offer low prices. You may also ask the supplier of your new fitness equipment to offer to buy the old machines. Whilst this is a useful and seamless process but may not always achieve true market value.

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WeBuyGymEquipment is here to help You​

Secure the best price for your old equipment via a qualified pool of used gym equipment traders. The commercial dealers have been specifically selected to bid on approved packages from gym operators all over the world. The traders are qualified in gym equipment removal and have an excellent track record in our industry. So WeBuyGymEquipment have aggregated only the best traders in the global fitness market to represent our platform.

How WeBuyGymEquipment Works

The commercial gym equipment auction platform involves gym operators uploading packages onto the portal for them to go under the hammer to second-hand gym equipment traders. It’s simple – the highest price wins! If the price is accepted, our team will ensure the payment is made swiftly and the equipment is collected on the day and time required. A hassle-free process and a great way to ensure the best financial return for the gym operators unwanted used gym equipment. Find out more how WeBuyGymEquipment works.

Bidding Platform

We have a proven track record for reliability and supplying value for money. Close partnerships between and the world’s top commercial fitness equipment dealers mean we get the most competitive prices and premium logistics services. As a result, our trade-in process is smooth and simple, no matter where you are or how much you are selling.

Look No Further When It Comes To Selling Used Gym Equipment

Our tried and tested 3-step process means you will always get an excellent price for your used fitness equipment with a guaranteed stress-free and speedy payment and removal.

We operate in the USA, UK and most European countries. Please get in touch if you have any questions, otherwise register as a seller using the buttons below.

WeBuyGymEquipment is the best way gym operators can sell used gym equipment.

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This platform is for gym operators only! If you are selling equipment from your home we would advise consumer auction platforms.