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Life Fitness Embraced Buyback Platform

May 23, 2021

When Life Fitness salespeople sell new fitness equipment to their customers, they make sure they help sell used gym equipment on behalf of their customer for the best price. Whether you want to sell commercial gym equipment or trade-in gym equipment they can help you out.

Life Fitness have teamed up with We Buy Gym Equipment and recently white labelled the software so that they can help facilitate the trade in process of used gym equipment for their customers. It’s important to supply this solution to gym operators so that it minimises downtime for gyms when it comes to extracting old equipment and delivering the new fitness equipment.

Life Fitness has been delivering high quality fitness equipment for more than 45 years. The Life Fitness team has gone above and beyond to create fitness solutions that benefit everyone from fitness enthusiasts, to fitness and gym providers and now gym equipment dealers and those wanting to trade-in used fitness equipment.

Over the years many things have changed but their mission to keep people active has stayed the same.

It all started with the Lifecycle exercise bike – a huge hit. Today this success has evolved and continues now with the widest range of cardio, strength and group training products in the fitness industry. Popular fitness equipment ranges such as Life Fitness Discover and Life Fitness Signature resistance has led the global commercial game for many years.

Fitness, in its many changing forms has changed drastically over the last few decades, and Life Fitness has evolved with it. Countless fads have come and gone, but Life Fitness has adapted and excelled whenever faced with new goals, always encouraging people to lead active lives.

The greatest challenge for Life Fitness to date has no doubt been the global pandemic that has shut down gyms right across the world.

While the impact of the coronavirus lockdown has not been positive to businesses on the whole, yet the fitness industry and Life Fitness continues to find a way to flourish.

Life Fitness used Sadly, many household names have collapsed into administration but the world of home exercise has thankfully bucked that trend and Life Fitness has adapted to life in lockdown.

The media now offer near daily reminders of the importance of keeping fit, in a way that was not seen pre-pandemic. This goes hand in hand with our mission at Life Fitness.

Life Fitness Mission: “Our mission is to encourage and provide ways to get the world moving and help people lead active and healthy lives.

We don’t just say this, we do it. At Life Fitness, we feel that it’s extremely important to practice what we preach. The culture at Life Fitness revolves around what our products stand for—active and healthy living. Gym bags are as common as coffee mugs at our global headquarters outside of Chicago and at our nine other offices worldwide. Our product showrooms double as bustling employee gyms, and lively group workouts are an important part of the daily routine.

The best way to know everything we can about our fitness products is to use them every day. Helping people live healthier lives is what we do, and the devotion to that goal begins with our employees.”

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