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GYM80 Equipment

May 20, 2021

“Made in Germany” is their hallmark statement at GYM80 and if you are looking to sell gym equipment you find out very quickly that GYM80 is a hallmark all of its own. GYM80 is the sign of quality gym equipment worldwide.

GYM80 Fitness Equipment They sell fitness equipment of the highest standard and this is well known. Now though, they can also help you sell used fitness equipment. GYM80 and We Buy Gym Equipment have joined forces in an exciting move for gym equipment dealers, used gym equipment dealers and those wanting to trade-in gym equipment.

As well as developing and producing strength equipment with incomparable quality and resilience they can now help you in other ways. It is an exciting time for gyms wanting to sell commercial gym equipment.

A spokesman for GYM80 said:

“In our production process, we combine state-of-the art technology with traditional, masterful craftsmanship. Alongside lasers and welding robots, we also employ all kinds of skilled workers who enable us to achieve a production depth of over 95% at our site in Gelsenkirchen.”

GYM80 have been based in the heart of the Ruhr Valley since 1980. It is there they created the story of a completely new standard of training quality. With first-class biomechanics, craftsman precision and clear designs, they have been improving training and staying loyal to the Ruhr region ever since. Our headquarters and production facilities are situated in the heart of the Ruhr Valley, in Gelsenkirchen!

They have now evolved their business and from GYM80 they grown MED80. MED80 develops and produces training equipment for clinics, rehabilitation centres, EAP centres and physiotherapists.

A spokesman from MED80 said it felt like a natural progression from GYM80:

“We have emerged from GYM80 as an independent medical division – so decades of experience in the manufacture of professional strength training equipment for the fitness market flow into our medical training equipment.

“The “Made in Germany” power machines – which have always been known for their innovative ability – formed the starting point for a journey that began with bodybuilding and now leads to the medical and health sectors.”

It is clear that the story of a completely new standard of training quality is being written. With excellent biomechanics, craftsman precision and a clear design, they are revolutionising training and thriving by delivering superior products, service and support for more than 40 years. We look forward, with great anticipation to seeing what they bring to the market over the next forty years.

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