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What’s the first thing you think about when selling gym equipment?

April 19, 2022

According to our poll the first thing 80 percent of you think about when it’s time to sell gym equipment is how much your equipment is worth. But really we should already know exactly how much our assets are worth and when is the best time to sell them. This can be done easily by using the industry’s favourite secret weapon – Orbit4. It’s a money saving platform (similar to the smart energy saving websites but for gym equipment/servicing/buying/selling). So why are gym operators so excited about this platform?

Digital Tech leader Daniel Jones said: “Orbit4 is an amazing present to the industry and a genuine win-win for any company involved in the fitness industry. It allows gym operators to go digital when it comes to purchasing, financing, maintaining and disposing of fitness equipment. More importantly, the sooner operators use the platform, the sooner they can start understand true cost of ownership of their assets”.

What if we told you, you could get a free valuation just by signing up as a Seller in WeBuyGymEquipment?

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! The only people who will tell you not to compare prices are the people taking you for a ride. We know times have been tough and gym owners need to make as much profit from selling their used gym equipment as possible so, here are our top selling tips…

Find out how much your used gym kit is really worth! Auction platform WeBuyGymEquipment is used by many leading gym operators, not just to sell equipment but to get early stage valuations so they know what equity is left in their assets to act as a deposit for the next equipment purchase. Don’t sell as individual items, but as a job lot. Selling used gym items off individually is a huge mistake. Time wise alone it will be like taking on a second job. Arranging collection and payments is a painfully time consuming and complicated process. It’s safe to say you’ll end up losing big overall. How much is YOUR time is worth? Selling second hand commercial gym equipment piece by piece is both time consuming and hard work. On paper it might look like you’ll make more for the high value items, but it’s likely you’ll be left with a lot of undesirable equipment which you’ll not know what to do with. Don’t end up getting sued in a costly legal battle! It is a big risk letting consumers and multiple uninsured people take heavy commercial equipment from your club. If someone gets hurt, even at home, they will hold you legally liable for any damages. Traders on WeBuyGymEquipment must be fully insured so you don’t have to even think about it. Don’t sell off your best pieces of kit and be left with the less attractive items gathering dust or going to the dump. In most cases, it will cost you more to have your unsold items removed and taken away than the real value of the equipment. Get paid before your gym equipment even leaves the building. Guaranteed payment before extraction is worth its weight in gold. Go with a company that get you the cash right now, when you need it. No messing around chasing or losing money! Read reviews before you deal with anyone. Be honest about the state of what you are selling to avoid delays and confrontation later. The more tests you do and the more photos you take, the more confident you can feel about getting the right money. Get it done fast. You don’t want to run out of time trying to sell items or waiting for people to turn up and collect. In a worst case scenario you could end up having your items repossessed by the landowner if your tenancy is up. Jo Weelen, from WBGE, said: “Over the last 7 years, our platform has collated accurate residual values of over 2,500 commercial gym equipment assets. In turn, we can offer speedy valuations of gym operator’s assets. Alternatively, register on our platform and upload your equipment via our easy 3 step process. Within 3 days, you’ve hit our 60+ traders in one swoop and secured the best buyback price under no obligation.”

Contact us on info@webuygymequipment.com

Visit www.orbit4.org or contact daniel@orbit4.org to find out how you can instantly connect to your incumbent service provider to submit service tickets via the Orbit4 iOS and Android smartphone apps along with a load of other smart features that you can only get with Orbit4.

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