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Festive feasting and frolicking immediately come to mind at Christmas, but what about fitness?  Well just for you FitnessCompared and WeBuyGymEquipment have got together and are ringing their shiny kettlebells to summon the magic of “Christmas Graft.”

Fitness lovers, young and old, this list of Christmas presents is for you!


Fitness Fashion

Who wants to work out and look awesome doing it? We do! Apparently not all active wear feathers at the crotch after one week. Who knew? Well apparently the thousands of people who are investing in the booming quality active wear market know. Now you can get fit and look funky. There is so much choice out there.  If your gym gear looks good then you are going to want to put it on. And if that’s not motivation to get moving, I don’t know what is!

fitness fashion

The Notebook

People are always encouraged to  keep a diary to document their progress. Whether it’s your journey to good health, weight loss, weight gain or just for motivation, it helps to keep track of where you are. You could even write some inspiring quotes on a few pages for extra brownie points. Eg “Keep moving”, “You’re the best, you’re doing great“ or “No one should eat an entire wheel of cheese” etc.

Food and Nutrition Books

They say a healthy lifestyle is 80 per cent nutrition, 20 per cent exercise, so how about gifting nutritional books to inspire good health?  There’s nothing like reading about healthy food while smashing through the Quality Street. Fit food for thought.

nutrition book
gyme membership pic

Gym Membership

Any kind of gym membership is a brilliant way to go! Just make sure you check they haven’t already signed up. If they have already got membership, consider extending it or upgrading it to include more benefits.

Drinking Bottle

By the time Christmas is over even the most enthusiastic reveller is looking to rehydrate. And if they aren’t, they should be, so you’ll still be doing them a favour. No one wants another plastic bottle that just rots and tastes weird after a month. Thankfully there are loads of alternatives. We love bamboo drinking bottles the most  – lighter to carry and decomposable!

drinking bottle
wireless headphones

Wireless headphones

Rocking out to Tiffany while pumping iron is what makes the man (or woman). It’s also sometimes really good that no one else can hear what music you are working out to. Great for running too. Sprint around Asda with a pretzel and pretend you’re in a Billie Eilish video.

Vibrating foam roller

Because no matter how bad Christmas gets, everyone’s going to laugh when they open that. Or feel super awkward. Either way, a vibrating foam roller will make the day more interesting. Who wants just a roll of foam?

foam roller pic
gym bag

A cool gym bag

People want a bag that looks cool and can fit it all in (including your vibrating roller – no one needs to see that.) Don’t go suitcase size but just big enough for a change of clothes, towel, deodorant and, most importantly, a separate compartment for your stinky, sweaty shoes.

Home Gym

It’s sometimes hard to get to the gym before or after work, but you could probably put in 45 minutes at home. If only you had the right kit …. Give the gift of GAINS! Buy gym equipment! You could go  big with a treadmill, rower or cross trainer but  even a few l5k or 10k kettlebells can burn fat and build muscles. They are also great for wedging your door shut  if you want a bit of peace after Christmas dinner.

home gym pic
yoga mat

A Yoga Mat

Yoga mats aren’t just good for hiding the fact that you are sleeping at the end of your workout, their benefits are endless. No more sweaty gym floor for your crunches or planks – just a clean cushioned pad to rest your hands and face on. They are also tremendous for doing yoga on apparently.


Because we’ve all had a tough year and this Christmas your love is the best gift anyone could ask for. We love you and really appreciate all your support this year.

love gym

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from FitnessCompared and WeBuyGymEquipment


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