Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to sell the equipment or can I decide not to sell after the auction has finished?

There is no obligation for you to accept the offer made for your equipment, you can simply decline or accept the offer on the platform.

If I accept an offer can I change my decision?

Once you have accepted the offer you will be sent a trade-in agreement letter. This confirms the sale and the terms of that sale. It is important that you fully commit to sell before signing this sales agreement.

How long is an offer valid for?

All offers are valid for 90 days, once this timeframe expires the auction can be reset if needed.

Who is responsible for taking out the equipment?

The buyer of the equipment always takes the responsibility of removing the equipment and loading it onto their transport.

Who do I invoice for the equipment? Do I pay VAT/ local taxes on this?

WeBuyGymEquipment.com will be the invoice party. If your business is in the UK then VAT applies, if outside the UK then invoices are zero rated for VAT.

What happens if I decide not to or cannot sell some of the units?

All items on the trade agreement should be included, but on the rare occasions that the inventory changes, then we will discuss this with the buyer and agree on a new price for the package.

What happens if some of the units break before being picked up?

If something breaks or is faulty after the terms of sale has been agreed, please contact us so we can inform the buyer and adjust the offer if needed.

What is the cost of using the platform?

Registration on our platform is free of charge. No fees apply.

How do you get paid?

We are paid by the buyer.

What happens if the agreed collection dates change?

It is important that all parties agree on pick up dates/times before extraction teams and transport have been booked. Changes can be made up to 7 working days before the agreed collection date.

As a buyer, how do I know if the equipment I buy is working before I pick it up?

It’s the responsibility of the seller to ensure they are uploading true and up to date information about the condition of the equipment. At point of uplift of the equipment, you will test the equipment to ensure it’s in mechanical working order. The seller signs an agreement letter to this effect and will sign off on any defects on the day of extraction. Once we have a copy of this paperwork WeBuyGymEquipment will negotiate any discounts.

What are the terms and conditions of the platform?

When you register on the platform you can review all the terms & conditions. Please click here to review Terms & Conditions

What happens if my facility is damaged during the extraction?

All of the traders and extraction teams are pre-approved by WeBuyGymEquipment and operate to a very high standard. If damage occurs, please contact us as soon as this happens and we will discuss this on your behalf with the buyer/extraction team.

What happens if I decide to sell more equipment on the day of extraction?

If you decide you want to sell more equipment simply contact us with the equipment details and condition. We will then contact the buyer to discuss a price.

How and when do I get paid for my old gym equipment?

You will invoice WeBuyGymEquipment directly for your old equipment. We will ensure that you are paid 50% before extraction and balance on removal of the equipment.

Can I trade-in my old equipment for new equipment with you?

WeBuyGymEquipment only handles the buying and selling of used fitness equipment.  Our sister company FitnessCompared.com handles the sale of new equipment, please visit https://www.fitnesscompared.co.uk or email info@fitnesscompared.co.uk

Why are the trade prices lower than consumer platforms like eBay and other marketplaces?

Often the products on consumer platforms have already been refurbished and include warranty, service and sometimes installation. The products on our platform are sold on an ex-works basis. If you want to get eBay prices you could consider refurbishing your product with new parts and then selling on our platform.

Why can’t I sell domestic/private equipment on the platform?

Most of the buyers on our platform are commercial traders who buy and sell commercial fitness equipment only.

Can you buy the equipment from me without putting it on the platform?

The best way to give us all the information we need to create a sellable package is via the platform. However, if there is commercial sensitivity around the sale of your fitness equipment we can offer a service off the platform. Please contact us directly for this.

Can I put a reserve price on the lot before it goes live?

No but please remember, there is no obligation to sell your equipment once you’ve received your price. If you do not like the price then you can decline the offer. This is risk-free for you.

Do I have to dismantle the equipment or will the buyer do that?

The buyer handles all aspects of the extraction and loading of the equipment. During the process of uploading the lot, there is a section for access details. It is important that this part is completed in full so the buyer fully understands what is expected during extraction. You will see this on step 1 of 3 in the upload procedure.

If the price is too low can this be negotiated with the buyer?

If the price does not meet your expectations there is often an opportunity for us to go back to the buyer and ask them to revise their offer. However, we are confident the bidding process drives best value and represents true real-time market value for your unique used fitness equipment package.

Is it best to list the equipment separately or as a job lot?

We fully advise uploading a package as a ‘job lot’. Collecting commercial equipment can be expensive for buyers so posting individual items isn’t going to generate you the best return. When uploading in step 2, please upload via the itemised equipment list option if possible.

What happens if there are no bids for my equipment?

This is very rare, but if this does happen, we will contact our buyers and ask for feedback. Occasionally we will review the lot to see if we can make it more attractive to buyers. This may mean asking for more or better pictures and more detail on the specifications etc. Another option is to re-list the items again.

Can I buy equipment from your platform if I am not registered as trader?

No, all traders much register on the platform. Once registered a member of our team will call you to further qualify your registration.

I want to accept the offer but the equipment will not be available for collection for a few months. Will the offer still be secure?

All offers on the platform are valid for 90 days. These are in the T&C’s that our buyers agree to when registering on the platform. Often, we will take a deposit on a package if the extraction date is more that 30 days.

How do I know if my equipment is commercial or domestic?

All of the commercial fitness equipment manufactures sell their products through internal sales teams. If you bought your product from a store or online this will most likely be a domestic or consumer product that is unsuitable for our platform. Please also check the user manual, this will often tell you if it is commercial or consumer.

Can I have a price per piece breakdown of the offer? Can I choose to sell only some of the items?

If you list your item as itemised (in Step 2 of the upload process), then we can also give you itemised offer. However, the buyer will place his offer based on the who package. For example, if you remove Treadmills from a package, then the overall value of the other pieces of equipment will decrease. In the event that you decide not to sell some of the items, we would always suggest auctioning the remaining items again.

Can I sell single items?

Single items of high value can sell on our platform, but items in a package always sell better on our platform. This is due to fixed commercial extraction costs the buyer needs to absorb.