Can I still go to the gym if there’s a second lockdown?

Can I still go to gym? The fitness world is a very different place since Covid-19. It pretty much brought the planet to a standstill. Many gyms forced out of business as they lay empty and off-limits for months on end.

But the world keeps spinning and so do we. Private sales of spin bikes, exercise bikes and used gym equipment in general went through the roof. Second hand fitness equipment sales have boomed as more and more people looked to create their own gym at home.

Can I still go to gym
It has also been a great time for gym equipment dealers to sell used gym equipment, with many items increasing in value due to the rush on products.

But the tide is turning and the leisure industry has come back fighting. Ever since the government announced that gyms and swimming pools can finally reopen. Gyms have been busy behind the scenes ensuring everything is safe and regulation-ready.

“Covid-19 has devastated the fitness and leisure sector. With many businesses having zero income but still facing overhead costs”. Said UKactive CEO Huw Edwards.

“With government support, we can keep fitness facilities open at a time when they are needed this most.”

Under the guidelines, all facilities must follow strict hygiene and social distancing measures. The “Rule of Six” has caused some concern with many not sure if they can still attend classes or go to the gym.

Gyms have been identified as “Covid-secure venues” and can still hold more than six people in total. Although you shouldn’t gather with more than six people inside those venues.

A recent study by UKactive found that there were eight million gym visits made by people in England in the first three weeks after they reopened. There was no indication that in that time anyone was infected while at the gym. It’s hoped that all these measures will keep them running even through a potential second lockdown.