Precor has teamed up with us

Precor has stood firmly at the centre of the fitness world for more than three decades. They don’t just sell gym equipment that is new, they can also sell used gym equipment on behalf of their customers. 

Precor continue to drive fitness forward and both sell commercial gym equipment or trade-in gym equipment.

They keep ahead when they sell fitness equipment by advancing what’s possible in design innovation, member experience and service.

Precor Used

Precor understand the challenges fitness facilities in multiple sectors face and their team of experts from sales and marketing to after-sales support and service will ensure your investment in fitness equipment is maximised.

Looking for used gym equipment dealer?

WeBuyGymEquipment and Precor have teamed up to make sure gym equipment dealers and used gym equipment dealers get the very best. Precor recently white labelled the WeBuyGymEquipment mobile app so that they can help facilitate the trade-in process of used gym equipment for their customers.

It’s important to supply this solution to gym operators so that it minimises downtime for gyms when it comes to extracting old equipment and delivering the new fitness equipment.

They understand that gym members today are more demanding, from wanting HIIT workouts, functional workouts, Spinning classes and strength workouts. This is why they have developed a portfolio of products to fulfil all these needs with personalised, high quality products and service built on a philosophy of innovation and fitness is foremost.

They have always been at the edge of fitness innovation and award-winning cardio products. They invented the cushioned treadmill and launched the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT). Creating the world’s first elliptical fitness cross-trainer (EFX) and recent upgrade to a converging CrossRamp, which continues Precor’s ‘first to market’ innovation trademark. Recent partnership with Assault brings new dimensions to the HIIT and group exercise training solutions we can offer when combined with Queenax functional fitness training products. Precor continue relationships with Spinning®, the world leader in indoor cycling and recently launched the Spinner Chrono Power, bringing direct power measurement that requires no calibration and a battery-free console to the industry.

Precors’ strength equipment suite has grown with new Olympic benches, Power Rack and Half Rack, while the networked fitness offering on the latest CV consoles continues to be updated to offer a fantastic cardio experience for customers. 

Whether you want to shop for home gym equipment or commercial fitness equipment Precor has what you need.