Struggling to find the best commercial gym equipment?

Only the best is good enough for your gym if you want to attract a high end, loyal client base.  This means choosing the best commercial gym equipment manufacturer. Thankfully, there are many to choose from. 

There are two major factors:

The gym instructors and the equipment itself.

Obviously you will employ skilled trainers.  But without first class sturdy equipment you risk breakdowns and good money can easily be wasted  away replacing cheap and inferior machines.  Repairs and maintenance add hugely to the overall bills.    Steer clear of unreliable sources and seek the best.  And how you can do this, is to get top manufacturers to source and set up your fitness equipment. 

What is your budget?  What are your needs? You need to set out a plan first.  Whether you are looking for spin bikes, rowing machines, cross trainers or freeweights – start with your floor plan.  What can you fit into it?  What will your budget allow? 

These are the basics which will help you to recognise what you have to buy.  Look at prices, quality and value for money.  Then look at the brands, the commercial gym set-up and service contracts that are available.   Do your own research on reliable brands?  Look on the websites for various brands.  Read customer reviews with a critical eye.  Weigh up advantages and disadvantages.  Speak to impartial online comparison sites like FitnessCompared who represent many of the leading fitness equipment suppliers. FitnessCompared are able to give free expert advice and information about how much you can make from selling your current equipment as well as the specific costs of buying new fitness equipment.

Try it out. Research is not enough. Give them all a try.  This way you will work out just what is value for money.  A slightly cheaper strength machine might be equal to the expensive one.  Check durability.  If you are not completely satisfied do turn away,

Ultimately a great gym is a great business proposition.  Time spent on sound research pays dividends.  Good equipment attracts regular customers, elevates your brand and inspires trust.