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Buying the best commercial exercise bike

May 24, 2021

Commercial exercise bike are among the most popular a types of cardio fitness equipment. Not only are they fairly inexpensive to manufacture but they are great fun too. A lot of their popularity is down to the fact that they don’t take up too much space.

Second hand commercial spin or exercise bikes are also popular because quite often you can get used commercial gym equipment at a great price.

Spin classes are more popular than ever. Most people know how to ride a bike – or at least how to pedal a stationary one. So riding an exercise bike as a form of fitness can seem less daunting than a rowing machine, treadmill or cross trainer for example.

Best commercial exercise bike Exercise bikes are also pretty good for low impact workouts. A workout that doesn’t exert too much pressure on the hips, knees or ankles is great for absolute beginners, the elderly and people recovering from injury. Although high intensity workouts are possible with an exercise bike, they are also a great way of performing low impact but excellent cardio activities. An exercise bike makes a great addition to your home regardless of ability.

CEO of WeBuyGymEquipment, Daniel Jones, said: “Exercise bikes are an industry big seller. They are fantastic for low impact exercise at any age, no gym really feels complete without one as they are so diverse. I love exercise bikes and make sure I always have access to one both at home and on holiday. There are so many makes and brands available these days that there really is something for everyone.

“Things to look out for with a used exercise bike for sale is the overall standard of its construction. Frames that are made of mainly metal are better and, the heavier the flywheel is, the better, as it creates a smoother pedalling experience.” While an intrinsic part of any gym, it is not always easy knowing where to begin when buying an exercise bike. But there are two main types. An upright exercise bike, where you sit in a traditional bike riding position, and a recumbent. On a recumbent bike the user is sat in more of a horizontal position. Recumbent exercise bikes are generally more expensive and they will also take up more room but both have pros and cons.

The number of new and used exercise bikes for sale is vast, from budget to highly advanced models. What you choose will depend on your preferred uses but there are few basic things to consider: space, maintenance and customer experience. Some commercial exercise bikes are powered by mains electricity and some are self-powered.

The most basic and budget models are likely just to have adjustable levels but with programmes to choose from – hill courses, etc. Greater variety is possible across the range which can help with motivation. Many will show heart rate and have other measurements to judge your progress by. The console that provides this information should be clear and easy to navigate when exercising.

When looking at second hand exercise bikes for sale, consider how adjustable the bike is. This is important for longer exercise sessions. It is important to remain comfortable, so a well-padded seat is a bonus. Whatever you are after, there will be something that is perfect just for you.

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